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The Ramblings of a cat loving, book reading, cross stitching, knitting, home cooking, soon to be farming, Michigander.

2010 Book Lovers Reading Challenge January 4, 2010

1)   Haunting Jordan   by  PJ Alderman

2) Missing Marlene  by Evan Marshall

3) Whistlin’ Dixie in a Nor’easter”  by Lisa Patton

4) Here Be Dragon’s  by Sharon Kay Penman

5) Knit the Season  by Kate Jacobs—-unfinished

6)  London is the best city in America   by Laura Dave

7) Rapid Fire  by Donna Ball

8) Time of My Life   by Allison Winn Scotch

9) The Vows of Silence   by Susan Hill

10) A Single Thread   by Marie Bostwick

11)  In Dublins Fair City  by Rhys Bowen

12)  The Broken Teaglass   by Emily Arsenault.

13)  Shiver  by

14) Twilight of Avalon  by Anna Elliott

15) The Day the Falls Stood Still   by Cathy Marie Buchanan



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