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First Monday of the New Year…. January 4, 2010

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Well, it’s still gosh awful cold here in SE Michigan, and I will confess that has kept me inside and hibernating !   I did get out both Friday & Saturday night for dinner out with family & friends. It was funny because both nights, we had Lebanese food  🙂  which was fine by me, and Joe !!   We just love that garlic butter they serve with the bread !!!   We had a good time both nights….I can’t wait for Eisley to be done teething tho, poor little Pea….her little cheeks were SO pink, and she was just so uncomfortable :(.  She loves to hear her Grandpa’s voice though, that brought a smile to her face a few times !  I tell ya, it doesn’t matter if they are young or old….females just LOVE my husband !   The second night was with cousin’s Diane, Ryan and Casey…and we had lots of laughs and got Joe to agree to go see Flogging Molly !!  Yay, he caves to the peer pressure 🙂 ! 

Last night I did a bit of stitching on one of the Giannosa trees, so I feel pretty good about that !  We watched two movies while we ate and I stitched….” The Other Man”  which really was NOT very good, and “New in Town” which was cute, Joe liked it so that made me happy !!  It was kinda a chick flick, but since I was the one who went to the video store…..I got to choose.  Besides, we did watch about 3 hours of “Top Gear”  (although I think I like that show more than Joe does..shhh !).   Joe made dinner, which was nice :)….we had hamburgers and wild rice, and salad-YUM !! 

My goal this week is to finish the three tree’s that are ALMOST done, so that I can get that behind me, and start on Eisley’s birth sampler…..I am really, really anxious to start that.  As EVERY stitcher knows, it is so much more fun to start the project, than to finish it !  I also have two SAL that I am going to participate in this year !!  The first is with my step Mom Karen, it is one of  Nora Corbett’s “Christmas Eve Couriers” , we chose to start with “Cupid”  this year. It is stitched on 32 count Twilight Blue Linen ( I really don’t like stitching on Linen)….but that’s what it called for and we LOVE the finished piece, so, there ya go !  My second SAL is with a new cyber friend, Sandra ( she lives in WALES, one of the most beautiful places on this earth !!)  and we are stitching a Isabelle Haccourt Vautier of our choice….mine is  ”  Lettres a mon Chat”  which is a French chart. Sandra has already done this piece, I saw it on her blog, and when I contacted her to see if she would sell me her chart ( I couldn’t find it ANYWHERE !)  she graciously sent it to me !!   She suggested the SAL to me and I am looking forward to it :).  

Now, if I could only figure out how to post/upload photo’s to this blog !   I may need to consult my personal “geek squad”   :). 

I also would really, really LOVE to start ” Cirque des Cercles”  by Ink Circles this year also…but that might just be TOO much on my plate !  After all, I have another 7 Christmas “name” trees to do in 2010 !   Plus various other WIP that really should either get some attention, or compleated ( now there’s a concept !)  this year !!!    Besides, I have NO idea of what color/kind of material OR floss I want to use.  I have been to the website and studied everyones GORGEOUS pieces….and at first I was thinking a black material with silverish threads, and possibly some beads for some sparkle.  For some reason tho, I just keep picturing it on a parchment colored material with brownish threads….I think it would look very antique like that.   I just can’t decide…..and I can’t imagine doing it more than one time….. no way, Jose !

I am also going to participate in a reading challenge from another blogger/friend…it’s the ” 2010 Olympic Reading Challenge”  I am going for the Gold !!!  Which is 100 books in a year, should be no problem for me, as I usually read between 2-3 books a week :).  I will be keeping a list of that here….as soon as I can figure out how to do that ;p !! 

Well, I best get some chores done, and take a nice hot shower….so I can then sit and relax !!  Really, I am trying to enjoy every minute of my time off…..since it most likely ( hopefully) won’t happen again until I retire !!   Back to work in 2 weeks :(.  My Dr told me that he’ll write me off for an additional 2 weeks…but I think that’s just too much.  I feel pretty good now, and I can’t really afford any additional unpaid leave !  

Until next post….Slainte !! 

Work and Worry are Constant Weeds, so Joy requires Cultivation


2 Responses to “First Monday of the New Year….”

  1. Ann Says:

    I’ve been hibernating the past few days too. Can’t stand this bitter cold. Good luck with all your projects. I can’t imagine where you find the time.

    The Olympic reading challenge sounds cool. Is it a website or just something that folks are doing on their own? I’d love to be in on that. I read quite a bit & always have a stack of “to be read” books.

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