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Happy Dance ! January 16, 2010

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These two GORGEOUS pieces were a Christmas gift from my friend Lindy, who lives in New Zealand.  I was flabergasted when I unwrapped them, she always sends me awesome gifts, but these just blew me away !!    I am a huge fan of any stitching that involves nature, and these are so expertly stitched AND beaded, that they look ready to fly away !!   Thanks again Lindy !!!   I just wanted to share my good fortune :).

Well, a mostly happy dance anyway :).  I have gotten all the stitching done on my “Moore” name tree, today I plan on doing the beading !!  I have to say, I really am not much of a fan of stitching on Linen !!  Glad that all the other trees are being done on Aida !!   My plan for the day is to get presentable, go to the library for the book sale (  Yay !!! ), come home and do my beading, and then watch ” Lost in Austen” and stitch as much as possible on the other two name trees. If I feel inclined, I will also do some chores…..but for sure I am making some Veg Beef soup !   I guess that means I’ll have to stop at Panera for some bread, dang !!

Ok, here I go !!! 

Slainte !

Work and Worry are constant Weeds, so Joy requires Cultivation !


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